Vietnamese Pho

My husband is a big fan of Vietnamese Pho. A couple months ago (I’m behind in writing posts!) we tried out a little family-run restaurant within walking distance from our apartment. The boys loved it! Pho, for those who don’t know, is a rice noodle soup with bits of beef, then you add basil, jalapenos, hoisin sauce, and bean sprouts to it as you like. Mint and lime are also traditional, depending on the region of Vietnam.

While the soup itself was a little too messy for me to want to venture giving Baby J his own bowl in public, I handed him some pieces of beef and noodles. He made short work of them, particularly the meat! It’s cut thin enough that it’s fairly easy for still-toothless babies like J to pull apart with their gums and swallow.

Definitely a dish we’ll be having again and again!

Father & son eating Vietnamese Pho

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