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Avocado roll (avocado wrapped in rice & nori)

Another trip to Sushi Train

We visited our fave sushi place again this week. I like being a regular at places. Sebastian is now big enough for …

Eating sushi at 9 months old

More sushi!

My husband and I don’t eat out a lot. Typically my husband cooks or we eat take out at home. We do …


Chicken Fingers and Broccoli

I’ll definitely post the (very simple) recipe for these chicken fingers soon. Anneliese LOVED them. She picked up the broccoli first, but …

Baby Sebastian eating gyoza @ 6 months - BLW

Baby-Led Gyoza with Sticky Rice

Today we had takeout from one of our favorite local restaurants, Sunny Hans. I portioned out some of my food for Sebastian, …