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More Stir Fry for Baby

Stir fry is so good for baby led weaning. It gives a variety of options for the baby to try, it’s quick …


Chicken Fingers and Broccoli

I’ll definitely post the (very simple) recipe for these chicken fingers soon. Anneliese LOVED them. She picked up the broccoli first, but …

Loved sucking the flavors out!

Steamed Broccoli

My husband and I are huge broccoli fans (probably me more so than him). I love to eat broccoli raw, steamed, roasted…basically …


Onion and more broccoli

My husband and I were running errands out in town, and we were both hungry. Plus, I hadn’t really planned ahead for …

Sebastian hearts broccoli!

Baby Led Broccoli

Last night we ate pork tenderloin and stir fry vegetables for dinner. The veggies were a little too small for Sebastian to …


Roasted Broccoli

Tonight, Anneliese got to try roasted broccoli. I really should’ve left the pieces bigger than this, to give her a better handle …