Roasted Broccoli

Tonight, Anneliese got to try roasted broccoli. I really should’ve left the pieces bigger than this, to give her a better handle to hold on to. Even so, she did pretty well, and I think she enjoyed it. I don’t think she swallowed any, but that’ll come later.

baby led weaning baby led solids

We are all learning how to do this. You can tell in our video – I need to learn how to prepare the food for her so it’s easier to hold, my husband needs to learn to “let go” a bit more (and I sound like a meanie to him. I’m sorry sweetie!) and my dog needs to learn to chill until dinner is over, instead of sharking around the high chair for dropped morsels. But I don’t think Anneliese minds any of that.

A comment from my husband about tonight? “She was interested mildly, but it all ended up on the floor.” haha!

baby led solids

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