Popcorn – this was something I was not planning on feeding to my daughter for a while because I still gag on it and I am 24. We had friends over the other night for a movie night and Capri decided sleep was over rated and staying up with the grown ups was a much better idea. She was sitting with her daddy who was eating his bowl of popcorn and he made a comment about feeding it to her. I have to admit I FREAKED OUT. I looked back a few seconds later and she was eating a piece.


I had a bit of negative feedback on Facebook when I mentioned that she was eating popcorn, but it was also from people who still worry about their kids choking and they are in elementary school. She did amazing with it. She didn’t even gag on those little pieces that get stuck in my throat all the time.

YummyMore Daddy More

She kept crawling up into her daddy’s lap begging for more. He just kept handing it over and she ate it with no problems. It was awesome.

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