Peanut Butter and Honey

The moment I have been waiting for since the day Capri was born and I was eating peanut butter toast over her little tiny head. I love peanut butter (like I can eat an entire jar by myself with a spoon in a very short amount of time).

peanut butter and honey

The first time Capri ate peanut product was on my pad thai which I didn’t even think about. She didn’t have any reactions so I figured we were good. I made her some honey toast one day when she was about 13 months and the next day I made her a peanut butter and honey sandwich. She LOVED it. She ate the whole thing and didn’t have an issue with the stickiness.

peanut butter and honey

We waiting until she was 1 for her to have honey because of the bacteria that is in it that can be very bad for babies. And I know lots of people say to wait until a baby is like 90 (okay maybe 2) before you give them peanut products but whatever she was fine. So there you have it. My 13 month old eating a very yummy sandwich.

She also enjoyed it on a spoon like her mommy.

peanut butter and honey

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