Onion and more broccoli

My husband and I were running errands out in town, and we were both hungry. Plus, I hadn’t really planned ahead for dinner, so there was nothing ready to cook at home. Oops. So we ended up going to Sizzler and getting burgers and the salad bar.

Even though she was sleepy, Anneliese was eyeing our plates with food-lust. And reaching. So I asked our waitress if it were possible to get just a little bit of cooked broccoli for our baby (fully expecting to have to pay for it, or to be told no) since the broccoli in the salad bar is raw, and not very easy for babies to eat. She said, “Of course! Just give me a couple minutes to get it ready!” SO SWEET. We don’t go there often, but they have fantastic customer service every time we do.

While we were waiting for the broccoli, I gave Anneliese a ring of onion from my burger. I don’t like raw onion. My husband isn’t crazy about it either. So we both picked the onions off our burgers and set them aside. I fully expected Anneliese to just make a face and move on. But no. She LOVED the onion. She sucked and sucked all the juice out. When the first ring was floppy and drained, she reached for more. Amused, I gave her more.

baby eating raw onion

Um, don’t do that. Unless you want your baby to smell like raw onion feet for the rest of her life. Or until you give her a really good bath. Sure enough, when we got home she was much too sleepy for a bath. So we wiped her hands and face with moist wash cloths, and put her to bed. All night, I could smell the stinky onion feet smell. In the morning, a bath was our first order of business before we went out. I could STILL smell the onion on her. Gross.

Amber told me later that milk will get the onion smell off – either to soak the onion in milk first, or to wipe the baby’s hands and face with milk afterward (like cow milk, not precious breastmilk). I think the easier solution would be to just not give her raw onions again.

Oh, and when the broccoli came, she enjoyed that too. I thought the pieces might be too small (the waitress or the cook or whoever made it chopped it up pretty small, I guess assuming that babies need small pieces), but she did just fine.

baby eating broccoli

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