Eating off the menu for the first time

Baby led weaning in restaurants
Blake sharing Daddy's potatoes

Recently we took Blake out for his first meal where we were to pick something for him to eat from the menu.  This was a huge deal for me.  I have spent months making absolutely everything he eats myself, from scratch but my husband and I decided it was time to take him out into the big bad culinary world and experience a restaurant setting.  I have loved Sebastian’s pictures on this blog of him eating Sushi during his visits to Sushi Train so as massive lovers of Yo! Sushi in Liverpool One, we got packed up and decided to head there.

I was ridiculously excited about taking his portable high chair and strapping him up high next to us where he could see the conveyor belt.  However, as we all know, no matter how much Mummy Military Planning (or MMP as I call it) there is ALWAYS something that will throw a spanner in the works.  We completely forgot that it was the Mathew Street music festival in Liverpool – hundreds of thousands of drunken revelers take to the city’s streets to watch tribute acts.  It’s an amazing event, but not for a young baby and it meant that the restaurants including Yo! Sushi would be rammed.  So, we settled on a pub closer to home where we know they source good locally grown produce.

The pub was cosy, Blake’s giggles brought lots of attention and it was a varied and exciting menu to choose from.  Blake loved eating from our plates and having his own selection of food brought by the friendly waitress.  He enjoyed tomato foccacia bread to start then couldn’t get enough of the watermelon, rocket & mint salad although the feta cheese it was served with got spat out, then picked out, then thrown on the floor! (Maybe it tasted too salty for him?).   Blake went on to eat homemade salmon and dill fishcakes, breaded plaice goujons with lemon juice and a little of his Daddy’s pineapple.  Onlookers couldn’t believe how he was eating and just how much he was putting away.

Baby led weaning portable highchair
Getting distracted by his onlookers/admirers

All in all, it was a lovely first family dining experience and I now feel much more relaxed about eating out.  We’re still yet to make it to Yo! Sushi though.

Gem & Blake x

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