Chicken Fingers and Broccoli

I’ll definitely post the (very simple) recipe for these chicken fingers soon. Anneliese LOVED them. She picked up the broccoli first, but threw it on the floor after one taste of the chicken (and she loves broccoli!). Then throughout the meal, she only wanted chicken. More and more chicken!

baby choosing her food

I was eating mine dipped in buffalo sauce , and thought I’d give Anneliese a taste since she loves spicy food. She really enjoyed the heat, and mauled her chicken fingers.

she loves chicken

Only after she had finished all of her chicken (still at this point, most of it ends up on the floor rather than in her stomach, but only after being sucked and shredded to bits) did she go for some broccoli. Check out this action with her little teeth!

chewing broccoli with teeth

And after everything was gone, she was very thirsty, and guided my hand to help her sip lots of water from her little red mug.

sipping water from her cup

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