Chicken, Broccoli, and Meatball

I’m a bit behind on posts, but I finally had some time to sit down and sift through photos. So here’s a sweet one.

A couple weeks ago, I gave Anneliese part of a hamburger, but it crumbled when she tried to grip it. So I figured a meatball would be an easier shape for her to hold. So I made a meatball for her one night, and the next day I heated it up for her. While it was cooling (since they can hold so much heat and I didn’t want her to burn herself) I gave her some chicken and broccoli.

She’s getting so much better at picking up smaller things already. Even when she plays with her toys, I can see that she’s practicing the pincer grip, which is a more finely-coordinated movement than the reflex-based palmar grasp. It’s what will eventually let her pick up small pieces of food like peas, and eat them.

baby holding chicken baby eating broccoli

Anneliese really enjoyed the chicken, and kept going back to that little piece to suck on it in between tastes of broccoli. It’s a good thing she’s a fan of broccoli, because her papa and I both really enjoy it.

Anneliese loves broccoli

When her meatball was cool enough I gave it to her, and she had no trouble at all picking it up, biting off a huge chunk, and sucking on it for a long time. She seemed to really like the meatball, which had nothing mixed in but was seasoned with some chili powder, cumin, and some other things.

And when she was finished with it, Zora (our dog) fell more in love with Anneliese because she got the rest.

baby eating a meatball

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