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Vietnamese Pho

My husband is a big fan of Vietnamese Pho. A couple months ago (I’m behind in writing posts!) we tried out a …

Yogurt sauce at 13 months

BLW yogurt sauce

I haven’t posted in awhile because I feel like, at least for my experienced eater, BLW has turned into just plain eating …

baby led weaning pasta

Baby loves lentils!

Today was one of those days where no amount of MMP (Mummy’s Military Planning) would make things go smoothly and follow the …


Fried Aipim

This past week my mother was in town visiting. She doesn’t come out this way often, so we always make the hour …


Kynlee Tries (& LOVES) Sushi

This post will be short and sweet. About 1.5 months ago (yeah, I’m late posting) Kynlee tried sushi for the first time! …

basil obsession baby phoebe

Phoebe’s First Food

My daughter’s first food is basil. That’s right. Basil. And she’s four months old. You might be asking, “Why?” but what you …