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09 months


BLW & Constipation?

I’m wondering how you other mamas deal with your babies’ constipation, or if they even have any. At 9.5 months, Baby J …

baby led weaning pasta

Baby loves lentils!

Today was one of those days where no amount of MMP (Mummy’s Military Planning) would make things go smoothly and follow the …


Fried Aipim

This past week my mother was in town visiting. She doesn’t come out this way often, so we always make the hour …


More Stir Fry for Baby

Stir fry is so good for baby led weaning. It gives a variety of options for the baby to try, it’s quick …



There’s a little berry farm near us, and they grow the best organic berries around. I picked up a basket of raspberries …


Watermelon Girl

When I tweeted that Anneliese was eating watermelon, I got a couple responses along the lines of, “What if she eats a …