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06 months

Baby Sebastian eating gyoza @ 6 months - BLW

Baby-Led Gyoza with Sticky Rice

Today we had takeout from one of our favorite local restaurants, Sunny Hans. I portioned out some of my food for Sebastian, …


Kaitlynn-Teriyaki Chicken

I have been mostly sticking to veggies and fruits for Kaitlynn to try. But tonight I made some DELICIOUS teriyaki chicken. And …

Luckiest Lady

Cheerios-Messy Floor!

I have been a little busy with family visiting this month. But that doesn’t mean Kaitlynn hasn’t been eating. She has been. …

Yummy Sweet Potatoes!!

Kaitlynn Sweet Potatoes

Kaitlynn is FINALLY sitting up by herself. I was starting to feel rushed as my husband was getting ready to leave until …