Capri’s First Cake

Capri turned one on June 19th, and on the 18th we had her party. Up until this point she had not had any sweets so it was a big day for her.


She had a watermelon themed party so this was her slice of watermelon (though she ate real watermelon and other fruits and veggies before and after this).

what is this??

When you think about most photos of a baby trying their first cake you think HUGE mess and cake all over their face. Well I came to the realization that we would not have a huge mess. She is such a neat eater to begin with (for a baby), and she knows how to feed herself (thanks to BLW). She just started scraping the icing off the top and licking it, she hardly touched the actual cake.

Who's going to take my cake??

This was as messy as she got. But she enjoyed it I think. Since that day she has tried ice cream (with peanut butter in it), but for the most part she won’t eat a lot of sweets. I love sweets but am trying to cut back. But some cake here and there won’t kill her.

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