Brie Baby

I bought some double cream Brie on sale, and was really excited to eat it. Anneliese of course wanted to try it, since I was eating it, and I was happy to oblige.

The middle was a bit too runny for her to grab at, so I gave her a piece of rind that had some of the good stuff still on it. She scraped at it with her bottom teeth the same way someone would eat an artichoke.

baby eating brie

…and she loved it. She scraped and scraped until the rind was thin, and then discarded it and reached for more.

can you feed your baby brie cheese? why not?

Some people say not to give your baby Brie, Stilton, Bleu cheese, and other moldy types of cheeses. I’m honestly not worried about it. Her digestive system has been primed through lots and lots of breastfeeding, and obviously she figured out that the outer edge of the cheese isn’t the best to eat.

my baby led weaning baby loves brie cheese

My brie baby really enjoyed her cheesy baby led weaning lunch.

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