BLW yogurt sauce

Yogurt sauce at 13 monthsI haven’t posted in awhile because I feel like, at least for my experienced eater, BLW has turned into just plain eating at this point. Sebastian eats like a toddler, usually a major grazer, which is perfectly fine. It is totally normal for babies to eat less as their rate of growth slows down. Sebastian still breastfeeds a few times a day and has been consistently signing for food and drink for the past few months. Lately he has been signing back to back for “food” and “milk” as if he can’t make up his mind. His food and drink signs are really similar and his dad is better at distinguishing them than I am.

This meal wasn’t planned for Sebastian as he didn’t seem interested in eating but once he got a taste of the yogurt he was all over it. I sat down for lunch with homemade burger patties (beef, onion, cilantro and some seasoning) and yogurt sauce (just some Greek yogurt with some salt, sugar and dill) and he came over for a bite. (I should have known – Meat is his favorite.) He is learning how to dip his food in sauces but clearly took it a step further here. At first I thought he was just finger painting with the yogurt but soon he was slurping it from his hands. This is when you just have to be chill and grab the camera.

Yogurt sauce at 13 monthsYogurt sauce at 13 months

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