BLW with friends

This week Sebastian and I had a play date with my friend Ginger and her toddler Ophelia.  The day included a lot of food, starting with bananas for the kids while the grown-ups drank coffee. They also snacked on Goldfish and Scooby Doo graham crackers – Not necessarily the kind of snacks I would purchase, but a fun treat. Sebastian has just learned to point and would point to the box when he wanted more.

Still loving banana at 10 months

Ginger didn’t do purees with Ophelia either, and we chatted about BLW. I remember when my husband and I babysat her daughter and were really nervous about the snacks in her diaper bag. I admit that baby-led weaning would freak me out if I hadn’t discovered it when and how I did!

Spread of melon & fishFirst bite of tilapia

For dinner we had spicy dirty rice and tilapia. Sebastian is not a fan of spicy foods but ate a good amount of  rice before it became too much for him – He didn’t cry when it got hot, just stopped eating it, so that’s progress! He cooled his mouth with chunks of cantaloupe and fish.

Sucking on a piece of tilapiaEating handfuls of tilapia

The tilapia was a hit, and Sebastian readily gobbled up his portion as well as the piece Ophelia (age 2 & 1/2) rejected. He made a really funny face when he first tasted the fish but quickly decided that he loved it. I really hope that he doesn’t grow picky as he gets older – I love showing off his healthy appetite, and everyone loves to feed my kid!

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