BLW Friends

I’d like to introduce you to Brown Bear.

This is BiP’s latest BLW friend.

Since she turned 1 year old meal times have become somewhat of a challenge.

I guess the excitement of discovering the world on foot has become more interesting.

BiP no longer wears a bib and she is no longer harnessed in anyway to her highchair. She perches (precariously) on her highchair and eagerly wants to feed us all.

After a while her desire to feed us got old so we called in Brown Bear to be the object of BiP’s feeding affections.

I don’t know if this goes against Baby-Led Weaning or not but, hey, it works!

BiP loves taking care of Brown Bear, giving her water and “tastes” of what she is eating. It’s super cute and it certainly helps her stay at the table for a bit longer!

Does your baby have any BLW friends?



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