BLW & Constipation?

I’m wondering how you other mamas deal with your babies’ constipation, or if they even have any. At 9.5 months, Baby J is swallowing more and more solid food. I try to offer him a variety of foods although he, like his older brother, has a preference for bready foods (cereal, rice bread).

I’m having a difficult time getting J to eat any veggies. He’ll do some corn if it’s mixed in with other foods, but that’s about it. However, he’s so constipated that his pediatrician prescribed suppositories for him. This is what we’ve tried previous to that:

1) Removing solids for 3 days and just breastfeeding
2) Guava juice (1 oz at a time); J can’t have thin juices like apple or prune because he penetrates when he drinks
3) 1-2 prunes a day (he eats only about 1/2 though)
4) Offering veggies

Do you have other suggestions? Anyone else dealing with this? J does happily self-feed naturally pureed foods (applesauce, yogurt) that I pre-load on a spoon for him. One suggestion the pediatrician made was to puree the prunes or some veggies and have him feed himself that way. I realize this isn’t strict BLW but can’t think of any other ideas. Thanks!

Baby J doesn't love his vegetables yet
Refusing Peas

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