Baby loves lentils!

Today was one of those days where no amount of MMP (Mummy’s Military Planning) would make things go smoothly and follow the schedule I’d set out in my head.  We missed the 4pm deadline when the supermarket closes to do this week’s big shop.  It meant I had very limited food in the fridge and the plans of cooking a baby friendly Thai green curry got shelved rather quickly.

As we were late home, Blake was super tired and grumpy and I could tell he was really hungry.  So I decided to quickly rustle up and old fail-safe dish which I knew he would love  – pasta.  Whilst the fusili boiled in a pan,  I made a sauce using half a tin of chopped tomatoes, chopped courgettes and carrots (steamed on top of the pasta as it cooked), mushrooms, fresh basil and dried herbs. This is usually an instant favourite with Blake but not tonight. He shook his head, whimpered and attempted a Houdini-style escape from the clutches of his high chair straps.

I even tried grated cheese on top but he still wouldn’t touch it!

He was getting more and more agitated and I was about to give up, pack him off in the car and drive to the small Tesco Express up the road to get some fruit and veg supplies.  Then I remembered I had soaked and cooked some puy lentils that morning with the intention of using them for my husband’s dinner.  I thought it was worth giving these a try, after all Blake seems to love the challenge of smaller foods at the moment like cous cous, sweetcorn and peas. I warmed the lentils in some freshly boiled water on the hob for a couple of minutes, drained and then stirred them through the pasta sauce.  The result?  Instant success!  Blake absolutely loved the lentils.  He ate all the tomato/lentil sauce first but then did start to eat the previously untouched fusili pasta.

baby led weaning pasta

He loved it so much that he had seconds…and thirds!

Being vegetarian myself and not buying huge amounts of meat for the family I think I shall be using lentils a lot more in Blake’s food.  It’s a great source of protein for him and a tasty ‘filler’ he seems to enjoy very much.

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