Baby Led Broccoli

Last night we ate pork tenderloin and stir fry vegetables for dinner. The veggies were a little too small for Sebastian to grab onto so while he got the same meat that we were eating, we steamed his broccoli stems separately. I didn’t think he was going to pay much attention to the broccoli when pork was an option but boy was I wrong – It just goes to show you that we are hard-wired to make good food choices if given the opportunity! (On a similar note, the other day he completely turned down chocolate brownie in favor of banana.)

Sebastian reaches for meat and broccoliSebastian struggles to grip slippery broccoliSebastian noms out on a broccoli stemSebastian hearts broccoli!

We gave Sebastian two big stems of broccoli and he sucked them both dry. We could tell he was finished when he became more interested in throwing them on the ground than putting them in his mouth.

Fat, knobby broccoli stems are the perfect food for a teething baby, pleasing in texture and easy to hold. There was also very little mess, something I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to say about pureed broccoli.

Side note: Keep an eye on pets while doing BLW! Our dog quickly figured out that Baby is very likely to drop food and keeps himself on high alert. He got to one piece of dropped pork before we could stop him and nearly choked – Infant sized food pieces are not chihuahua friendly.

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