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Emily Chapelle


Aaaaaaand…We’re Back!

So, all of us who blogged here before? Our babies grew up. And while some of them are still nursing (like my …


High-Protein Grain-Free Pancakes

Egg-Based Pancakes – Cinnamon Almond Version When Anneliese started actually eating more food around 10 months or so, I needed to find …


Edible Paper–Nori

Anneliese likes to eat paper. She tears apart my magazines with her teeth (when I let her), LOVES tags from items of …


More Stir Fry for Baby

Stir fry is so good for baby led weaning. It gives a variety of options for the baby to try, it’s quick …



There’s a little berry farm near us, and they grow the best organic berries around. I picked up a basket of raspberries …