5 Tips on How to “do lunch” with your BLW baby!

A few mother’s, I have spoken to about BLW, have admitted the reason they didn’t go for it was because of the challenge of BLW in a restaurant. I am the first to admit that having a BLW baby means that they aren’t going to sit nicely in their stroller whilst you enjoy your meal in a restaurant (which seems to be the norm in France). Nor are they going to be content with being spoon fed something whilst you eat your lunch if no highchair is available. If you are as passionate about BLW as I am you will want to be able to enjoy going out for lunch with your baby!

BLW in restaurants
BiP impatiently waiting for her seafood lunch in a restaurant in the South of France snacking on dried fruit and a rice cracker

Here are my tips on how to successfully “do lunch” with your BLW baby!

  1. Take  “clean” foods with you, now is not the time to put leftover spaghetti and sauce in a tupperware: sliced apples, pears, bananas, rice crackers, melted cheese on toast, chicken strips, green beans, dried fruit etc … don’t forget a small bottle of water or a sippy cup. BiP’s current favourite is a bottle of water with a straw. Easy!
  2. Plan ahead, if you are going out for lunch make sure you have enough time to get to your table and order before you baby gets hungry. It’s no good waiting for your baby to be hungry and then heading to the restaurant unless you like dealing with a hungry grumpy baby! This is when you snacks come in handy! If possible, call ahead and see if they have a highchair.
  3. Lunch in Avignon

    BiP on my knee enjoying roast duck and polenta in a restaurant in Avignon, France

    Be prepared for the restaurant not to have a highchair. In France, very few restaurants have a highchair as most babies are spoon fed seperately from the family meal until 2 years old +. My favourite accessory is something called a “Sack n Seat” it’s a cloth seat that goes over most restaurant chairs and holds your baby in place to enjoy their meal.  However, it is not perfect, your baby will be too short to be able to reach the table so I put my diaper bag with the changing pad under the seat to raise BiP up. Don’t forget your bib! If worst comes to worst, put your baby on your knee and let them share what’s on your plate. Just make sure you put plenty of napkins under your baby so you don’t end up covered in food.

  4. Take plenty of wipes. Most highchairs I have encountered are old and dirty so wipes are a must have to clean it up. You will also need wipes to clean up the mess afterwards as most the highchairs I have found are best suited for older babies so BiP usually ends up covered in food!
  5. Relax! Enjoy your lunch, don’t worry too much about the mess, for the first time in a while you don’t have to clean the floor or the chair! Leave a generous tip if it makes you feel better.

There are my tips on how to do lunch with your BLW baby! What are yours?

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