Another trip to Sushi Train

We visited our fave sushi place again this week. I like being a regular at places. Sebastian is now big enough for the big kid booster seat rather than the bebePOD or high chair. He sat next to Mama and clearly enjoyed the freedom to turn and move his legs.

Avocado roll (avocado wrapped in rice & nori)Laughing between sushi bites

As promised, Sebastian had a few bites of raw salmon. He went back for more but his initial reaction was this face:

Raw salmon face

Chicken katsuYummy gyoza

He also ate chicken katsu and gyoza. He is getting a lot neater in the way he eats. The first time we ate at this particular restaurant the floor was covered and I was always crawling underneath the table after meals to tidy up as much as I could. This trip almost nothing ended up on the ground.

Sushi boat restaurants (where you grab plates from a circular belt) are perfect for BLW. There is no having to entertain Baby while you wait for food and the portions are both small and shareable. If a food is a no-go you are only out a couple bucks and it is easy to introduce new foods risk-free. For picky older kids, there are also often fruit and dessert plates.

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