Watermelon Girl

When I tweeted that Anneliese was eating watermelon, I got a couple responses along the lines of, “What if she eats a seed??” and “I want to give my son watermelon but I’m afraid he’ll eat some of the rind!”

I will ask you though – WHAT IF she eats a seed? Do you think a watermelon vine is going to grow in her tummy? WHAT IF he eats some of the rind? Is he going to perish?

Nah. And probably not.

Anneliese loves her some watermelon. But WHAT IF SHE EATS THE RIND???

The watermelon got some funny faces in the beginning, but Anneliese soon learned that it’s GOOD STUFF. This one was seedless, but there were a few stray seeds (and some of those white softish ones) which I didn’t really worry about. She chewed on the rind quite a bit, but mostly seemed to be interested in scraping off all the good stuff.

This is pretty much the face she makes the first time she tries anything. baby enjoying watermelon

I think she did a pretty good job, don’t you?

baby's watermelon rind

I was told that watermelon stains like crazy and that I was insane for giving her watermelon in a white shirt with no bib. So I threw it in the laundry right after this (along with other stuff to make a full load – don’t worry), with no stain treatment or anything special, and it didn’t get stained at all. Just so you know. Maybe if I had let it sit around it would’ve been crazy-bad.

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