Q: Can You Feed a Baby Steak? (A: Why Not?)

I made this awesomely delicious stir fry one night. It’s some thinly cut steak, onions, snow peas, and mushrooms. Everything was cooked in coconut oil and butter (onions longest, then the mushrooms, then snow peas, then the steak) and tossed with soy sauce and lemon juice. Simple but awesome.

stir fry

I gave some of everything to Anneliese, but she of course went for the meat. My little carnivore baby loves anything that used to breathe. And despite not being able to bite and chew the steak yet, she gnawed and sucked the heck out of it.

baby eating steak

When she was finished with it, it was mangled and grey. You can’t tell me babies don’t get nutrition out of stuff this way. You don’t HAVE to chew and swallow the entire food to benefit from it. Heck, all those people who swear by juicing their veggies? Yeah, they don’t chew and swallow them…

And as they say, the proof is in the pudding. Or the poop… juices sucked out of meat are enough to change baby poo from runny breastfed poo consistency to “eating solids” consistency.

mangled beef

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