Cheerios-Messy Floor!

I have been a little busy with family visiting this month. But that doesn’t mean Kaitlynn hasn’t been eating. She has been. A whole lot. And I have a lot of posts I WANT to write up. But the time factor is against me. Not to mention school restarted for me, AND I will now be moving in a month to WA andmy husband (who isn’t home) will be moving to Japan without us. So it is a little crazy in my house.

I wanted to get Kaitlynn to work on the pincer grasp. You know the one they practice pinching the ehem outta your arm with, the pointer and thumb grasp. An important milestone nonetheless. So I used Cheerios with my first andfigured Cheerios with the 2 nd wont hurt. I don’t think they have a nutritional value or even consider these as an everyday food for a baby. These kept her BUSY for like 20 minutes. I got my hair done AND the dishes during that time. (My awesome Aunt Eileen sat with her don’t worry she doesn’t eat unattended.)

Notice she DOES do the pincer grasp in the beginning. And how she ends up scooping them in her hand and cant figure out how to get them in her mouth. I couldn’t help but laugh. Don’t worry shes not a pro-yet. But Cheerios are FUN. My 3 yr old thought Cheerios were cookies till he was 2.5 yrs old-seriously!

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