Buttermilk Biscuits

On the evening of Kynlee’s 6-month birthday, she tried buttermilk biscuits! Earlier in the day she had her first two foods. We weren’t really planning to do any more foods that day but after supper we had a biscuit leftover and thought, “why not?”

At first she went for the whole thing. Then she decided it would be easier with a smaller piece.


First taste of the biscuit!Easier to stuff my face with a smaller piece!

The next two pics are her “yum” face and then going back for more…


This is my Yum! faceI want more!

She played with and tasted the biscuit for quite some time before she was done.

The aftermath…

K destroyed that biscuit!


Kynlee really seemed to enjoy the biscuit. When we took her out of the Bumbo, there were even crumbs in the seat! Not to mention all over the floor…

What a messy, fun food!

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